Harley Tufted 2000 Pocket spring mattress

Harley Tufted 2000 Pocket spring mattress

  • The pocket spring system is embedded in deep layers of lambs wool which gives the mattress extra support to allow the body with a well-rested and goodnights sleep.


  • 1 inch of memory foam is also used in this Quilted pocket spring mattress to allow the mattress to conform to the body's natural shape and allow easy sleep.
  • Designed to look and last longer with strategically placed air vents to allow airflow throughout the mattress getting rid of any nasty odors
  • Considered a popular choice for sleepers, rated at being as medium to extra firm grade mattress
  • Hand-crafted exclusively at Mattress-Haven, utilizing materials, designs and craftsmanship from the UK’s very best Mattress Manufacturers


The Damascus Pure is a truly extravagent mattress offering a supportive pocket spring base combined with Layers of padding and memory foam this mattress offers true comfort giving you the sleep you deserve.

Mattress Features:

  • 3000 Pocket spring base offering individually capsulated springs offering incomparible comfort
  • Layers of polyester padding 
  • 1 inch of memory foam enhancing comfort and support throughout your body
  • high quality Damask tufted top panels
  • luxurious 3tac Borders with high density padding
  • Hand made here in the UK in house our dedicated team ensure our goods are produced to put a smile on your face
  • Mattress comes vacuum packed and rolled for ease of transport.