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Cookies Policy

What are cookies ?

Cookies are small pieces of data stored on a sites visitor browser. Cookies are typically used to monitor how a website is being used and to enhance the experience of a user.


How are cookies used.

  • To identify registered users

  • To identify returning visitors

  • To monitor and analyse the use of site

  • To monitor the performance, operation and effectiveness of the site

  • To ensure a safe  & secure site



Types of cookies used by us.

Strictly necessary

These cookies are essential in the operation of the website ensuring the website works. They allow you to operate around the website safely and effectively. Without these cookies essential services such as security may not be provided.



These cookies allow us to create a positive user experience, they remember your choices and selections made whilst browsing such as language, Country selection usernames etc. this then allows you to focus on browsing each time you visit.



These cookies allow us to see how the website is being used, it monitors which pages are being visited frequently and how people navigate through our site with this information we can monitor the website ensuring it runs as smoothly as possible.



Marketing cookies are used deliver information and adverts that are relevant to you based on your browsing to enable a better user experience so you can find the things you want. This allows to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns. This information may be shared with other advertising partners so that after visiting our website you may see some of our marketing campaigns or adverts on other websites.


3rd party cookies

On our website we have the use of tools that are linked to 3rd party companies such as social media, youtube etc with these platforms they have their own cookies policy these are out of our control and you would be advised to check their cookies policy.


Managing cookies.

Typically your browser allows you to manage cookies you can enable, disable and delete cookies. For this you are advised to check your service provider, usually you can find this in the help section of the browser .


If the browser is set to disable cookies our website may not work as effectively and your buying experience may be limited.

If you would like to learn more about cookies visit: (please note we cant be responsible for the content of external websites)

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